Sara The Bucket Filler

Sara the Bucket Filler is not just a book, it's a whole new way of thinking...and of teaching your kids to think.


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Sara the Bucket Filler Meets the Izzy Kalman Game


“May Sarah the Bucket Filler reach all children! Rivka Fishman does a superb job of teaching the right attitude for dealing with bullying and turning enemies into friends through the correct practice of ve’ahavta le’reacha ka’mocha –Love your fellow as you love yourself. “

Izzy Kalman, MS
Author of Bullies to Buddies: How to turn your enemies into friends

“I was reading this today and I was actually moved to tears…this book is really beautiful… this is really a sweet book to get for a kid that you love.” 

Allison Josephs
founder and director at “Jew in the city”

“This is a beautiful book about the important lessons of being a kind friend and looking out for others told through the eyes of an educator and the chidren she has worked with over the years.”

Eileen Kaplan
Preschool director and author of Adam and the circuit board

“Sarah the Bucket Filler is a must in every home and every pre-school classroom. Through this beautiful book Rivka Fishman teaches children (and adults) a powerful tool that will help them become empathetic humans who have inner happiness, resilience, confidence and who spread positivity all around! By becoming bucket fillers, readers will not only help themselves, but the world around them, making it into a brighter, better place. “

Yael Trusch
Jewish latin princess

Meet the Team

Rivka Fishman


Rivka grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Touro College with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She has taught elementary school, middle school, teenagers, and adults for over 16 years. She currently teaches middle school at Torah Day School of Houston. Rivka is a recipient of the Irving L. Samuels Outstanding Teacher award for Judaic Studies and of the Grinspoon – Steinhardt Award for excellence in Jewish Education. She has spent many years researching and implementing effective ways to minimize fighting between children and now coaches parents and runs workshops to teach parents and teachers how to “bully-proof” their children.

Miriam Sin-Shalom


Born and raised in both Amsterdam, Holland and Beitar Illit, Israel, Miriam has loved drawing for as long as she can remember. Miriam is a graduate of Oman Art School and has since done many projects, including illustrations in Mishpacha Magazine, the cover of “A Clever Title Goes Here” and the illustrations in Sarah Ester Varnai’s “Kids Discover Israel” series. Miriam also does private work as portrait artist. To see more of her work please visit:


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#rak2018 — Products shown: Sara the Bucket Filler by Rivka Fishman.

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Thank you Mrs. Posner of the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School in Alabama for sending this #fanmail !

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